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Return to Rehearsals - special arrangements and risk assessment

While St Peter's School is not able to allow external use of the school premises, the Committee has been looking for alternative venues for our rehearsals, on a temporary basis.

Starting on Friday 11th September, at 7.30, we will be offering a short rehearsal for up to 28 choir members who would like to come and sing together at the Bentley Heath Community Hall.

To keep the risk to health as low as possible, we will need to put special arrangements in place - for example, strict maintenance of social distancing before, during and after the rehearsal.

Please take the time to read both the Chandos risk assessment  and the conditions of our use of the hall attached below.

It is most important that you only come to choir practices if you have not had any Covid-19 type symptoms in the week before the rehearsal. If in any doubt, please stay at home. We will experiment with whether will be possible to join the live rehearsal via Zoom.

Here is the post-code for Bentley Heath Community Hall:  B93 9BQ. There is plenty of parking at the hall. 

This is the timetable we will start out with:


7.30-7.45pm – arrivals & set up, each person to get their own chair; registration once everyone is seated


7.45-8.15pm – singing


8.15-8.30pm – break for ventilation – everybody to go outside, windows & doors to be opened etc


8.30-9.00pm – more singing


15 mins or so to tidy up & leave


  • Please don’t arrive early – you won’t be able to get into the venue! When you arrive, please wear your mask and maintain social distancing while entering the building. Use the hand sanitiser provided on the left hand side of the door as you go in.

  • Collect a chair and put it on one of the marked spots on the floor. Of course we will help anyone who can’t carry a chair themselves, but there won’t be a collective activity of setting out and putting away all the chairs.

  • Bring your own drinks, as we will not be using the kitchen. At break time, we would ask everyone to put on their masks, go outside, and maintain social distancing, to allow the room to be fully ventilated. There are doors at both ends of the room and windows, all of which can be opened. Please bring a coat as we will have to ensure ventilation while singing too.

  • Each person must use the provided wipes to clean anything they touch (chair, door or window handles, loo, etc).  At the end of the rehearsal you must sanitise your own chair and stack it at the side.

  • Social distancing to be maintained at all times (before, during, after).

  • Singers wear masks for all non-singing time, and it is a personal choice whether to wear a mask or not to sing in.

Please read the risk assessment document on the button below; we will review this with the choir after the first rehearsal, to see if it needs to be changed.  It includes some pictures taken at the Community Hall, so you will know what to expect.

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