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Misatango Matinee

3pm, Saturday 18th November 2023 at Shirley Methodist Church

Concert photographs
and feedback

Message from Leon:

Please pass on my enormous gratitude and congratulations to everyone who sang yesterday, it was a really fabulous concert full of energy when required AND the laid-back relaxed approach needed for the Tango inspired pieces. You were all BRILLIANT, as this short clip demonstrates…

Photographs from the rehearsal, courtesy of Philip Davis

I have uploaded the best pictures onto my Flickr online account. (I have chosen the best out of the 350 I took - there are 39 in all.)


Have a look - and you can download any that you want to use by clicking (or tapping) on the picture and then tapping on the little downwards pointing arrow at the bottom right of the picture.


You are given a number of options for the size you want to download - the highest quality are the "original size" pictures.


Here is the link for the pics....

New in January 2024: Photographs from the concert taken by Jim Hiscox:

Feedback emailed in from audience members

A truly splendid concert this afternoon. I had never come across a Bandoneon before but know what a fiendish instrument it is to play so very much enjoyed hearing one played.

I loved your concert today, congratulations to everyone involved, fantastic to hear a choir taking risks and bringing this fantastic music to life in Solihull of all places!!

Extra information about the music

Extra instructions in the PDF for which parts will sing which verses in the pieces in the first half - please print / annotate your music. 

The rehearsal on the day will be 11am-1pm.  Please arrive in good time to take your places before 11 so we can start promptly.  

Programme and tracks to listen to or watch

The programme will include some additional instrumental works in the first half.



Hanaq Pachap Kusikuynin:

Xicochi Conetzintle: 

Maria, Maria, quid ploras?  UPDATE: WE ARE NOT SINGING THIS ONE

Cui Luna, Sol, et Omnia (click button below) 

Convidando Esta La Noche

Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla SATB arrangement by Oscar Escalada for Soloist; SATB Choir; Piano:

Libertango – Astor Piazzolla  - no music for this as explained in rehearsals:





Misa a Buenos Aires (Misatango) – Martin Palmeri - Everyone


Cui Luna, Sol Et Omni
00:00 / 03:07

Music - sheet music to print off

If you are able to, please print off your own copies of the follow 5 short pieces. We will have a few copies spare for people who cannot print.

Hanaq Pachap Kusikuynin - NB: Singers will only need the 1st TWO PAGES, so don’t print page 3

Xicochi Conetzintle

Cui Luna, Sol, et Omnia

Convidando Esta La Noche

Please note that music for the following two pieces will be provided by the choir at rehearsals (as we usually do):

Oblivion - Astor Piazzolla SATB arrangement by Oscar Escalada 

Misa a Buenos Aires (Misatango) – Martin Palmeri

Rehearsal tracks

Hanaq Pachap Kusikuynin


Soprano Help Link:


Alto Help Link:


Tenor Help Link:


Bass Help Link:


There are various options for you to choose - if you find another option you want to share with choir members, please send Susannah the link:

1) Bibliotecha Alexandrina Choir. If the link below doesn't work, search fro them on You Tube, click "subscribe" to their You-tube channel (this is free), then go to Playlists.  There is a play list containing their performances; their rehearsal tracks (link below) and, go to Play

2) Choir of the Earth  (These rehearsal aids cost £6 per person; we explored getting a group rate for the choir but this was not possible.)  

An interview with Martin Palmeri

“In Conversation With” Martin Palmeri to be broadcast this Friday 23 June at 11:00 UK time:

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