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Help with your practice

You can find rehearsal tracks on these websites: 

1) Cyberbass This uses synthesised instruments, has a speed-changer and "tutto" as well as the individual parts. 


2) Learn Choral Music This uses synthesised orchestral instruments and uses the usual MIDI player on your device.


3) Chord Perfect This uses real singers, is free if you listen online, and offers options to go back by 5 seconds and slow the track down.

4) Choralia Lots of options for playing - with your voice part emphasised, adding a metronome, adjusting the speed and even which speaker (left or right) your voice part is played from.

Recommended by Leon to help with sight reading!


Click Here: Sight reading - a brilliant interactive lesson to help you understand the music and improve your sight reading. 

English Touring Opera's Singing Lessons for Choral Singers


Free and on You Tube if you register. Click here for four singing lessons for each voice part, delivered by a professional singer from ETO.

Recommended by Leon to slow down an audio track!


Click Here to find out more and download the app for Audiostretch:

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