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Summer Serenade
7.30pm on Saturday 1st July at Shirley Methodist Church

Concert Photos courtesy of Jim Hiscox:

Please see the selection of the music on the document below. This concert is reprising works we have learned before at some point or other! We have taken into account some of the choir's suggestions for this concert; and we have also selected works we think will be learnable (or refreshable) in the short amount of time before the concert.

The pre-concert rehearsal on the day starts at 2pm in the Church.

Mozart - Lacrymosa - confirmation of notes for the altos:
the Dona eis section at the end has changed from what's printed to match the score:  we come in with the sops and match their words - first 2 notes for altos are d and f# at Bar 23.  See pictures below below but keep the notes that have been crossed off in bar 23.

Listening links to use when preparing for the concert at home between our rehearsals:


1. “Dixit Maria” by Hassler


2. “If ye love me” by Tallis


3. “Weep O Mine Eyes” - by Bennet


4. “Gloria in Excelsis” by J S Bach (from “Magnificat” BWV243a)


J.S. Bach: Magnificat In E-Flat Major, BWV 243a - 10. Gloria in excelsis Deo


5. “Jesus Bleibet” by J S Bach


6. “Thou Knowest Lord” by Henry Purcell


Thou Knowest Lord The Secrets Of Our Hearts


7. “Zadok the Priest” by G F Handel


Zadok the Priest - G.F Handel | King Charles III Coronation 2023.


8. “Dies Irae” by Mozart


9. “Rex Tremendae” by Mozart


10. “Lacrimosa” by Mozart




11. “Linden Lea” by Vaughan Williams


Linden Lea - SATB

If you subscribe to David Lauria, click on his name, then Videos, he has done a video where each part of the choir is dominant, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.


12. “O Taste & See” by Vaughan Williams


13. “Evening Hymn” by Balfour Gardiner


Evening hymn - Balfour Gardiner


14. “The Road Home” by Stephen Paulus


15. “Eternal Rest” by James Whitbourn


Luminosity: Eternal Rest by James Whitbourn


16. “Alleluia Jubilate” by James Whitbourn


Alleluia jubilate


Encore: “Come to the fair” by Easthope Martin


SPCC Songs - Come To The Fair


NB: Having just compiled this list of links and re-visiting and listening to all these pieces of music myself, these two may be dropped if we’re running out of rehearsal time to prepare them for performance:

A) “Gloria in excelsis” J S Bach

B) “Eternal Rest” James Whitbourn

Best Wishes, 


The same info is in the attached document for ease:

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