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You Tube Links for the repertoire:

  • Bizet: Agnus Dei
    NB there are lots of different arrangements of this piece - Leon recommends one at Ely Cathedral that is the closest to what we will be singing.

French Impressions

UPDATED Rehearsal Schedule - Jan to April 2020:
NEW: Rehearsal tracks for Les Djinns on You Tube:

Some more You Tube options which include scrolling music and a choir singing:

Les Djinns: (NB, The music appears blurred to me for the first half of this video clip - do not adjust your set!)


Chord Perfect - another site offering free rehearsal tracks if you listen online - here is the link to the Faure page, where you will find tracks for the Cantique and the Requiem:

French Pronunciation!  On the links below, Geoff has kindly recorded a reading of the French songs

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Les djinns
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